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Terminology, formatting, and even chapter structure are consistent throughout. Examples provided are universal and in no way offensive. The textbook cab be easily broken down into smaller topics that can be incorporated into an introductory Excel course or a Statistics Course. The Instructor can reorganize the units to fit into their course and subject. Any jargon used is defined and simplified for the readers with visual aids as applicable. The book covers the different topics accurately and concisely. The text is well-organized into smaller modules to make it easier for students to digest.

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The topics in the text are presented in a logical, clear fashion that uses previous concepts to build up to new ones. Rather than a reference text, this is built as a teaching text which will build a skill. Even students who have not been exposed to Excel before can easily learn it with this book. The book is highly consistent in terms of how the Excel terminology is used. For example, a small icon is used throughout the book to indicate special steps for Mac users. The Excel screenshots are presented in a consistent manner which makes it easier to complete the labs.

Excel Skills for Business Specialization Certificate [Coursera]

I have tried to write these lessons like an accordion–with room to expand and contract as the student needs require. Gifted students can go as quickly as they like and will have advanced lessons to keep them challenge.

Why is Excel so difficult to learn?

Even tech-savvy professionals can find Excel difficult because it has its own programming language, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which is used to create macros, or pre-saved automations that run an action or a set of actions.

I’ll admit, at first I didn’t think it was really necessary to have an article about the best microsoft excel 2019 lessons courses to learn Excel. Microsoft has paid courses with certificates and some free learning materials too. Likewise, Coursera allows you to take courses, such as the one from Macquarie University, for free if you’re willing to forego the certificate.

Best Online Excel Classes of 2023

If you’re still not sure about the setup after contact an ONLC Advisor toll free for assistance. On-Demand courses are self-study, self-paced you take using your own equipment from your own location. On-Demand courses may include video tutorials, live labs and assessments.


If you’re an Excel beginner and want to learn Excel, this is the perfect place for you to start. Comprehensive coverage of the material is provided, but a glossary/index are not…. The text is divided into logical sections that are independent. The e-book’s components may be separated and recombined, without presenting much disruption to the reader. Overall, I am very pleased with the content, organization, modular breakdown, and the basic skill sets covered. This text is highly relevant to the computational requirements of the business and finance courses of interest to this reviewer.

Excel 2019 Pro

This is particularly important to students who need to upgrade their Excel skill set in parallel with handling coursework for which Excel is a necessary support. Things were well explained and the authors provided breakout boxes and screen shots to help the reader follow. There is no culturally insensitive or offensive material in this book. The ideal method of any work written for Microsoft Excel 2016 is that it slowly introduces every basic functionality of uses. The text does a nice job of moving through a little quicker to get to the practicality of using the functions. This is actually one of the only pieces of work I have been able to find where it teaches Microsoft Excel 2016, that makes it easy to divide into sections.

  • If you have a Pluralsight membership and looking for a great course to learn Microsoft Excel in Pluralsight then you will love this course.
  • I get the training best however I need certificate after completing the training for cpd.
  • Unlock the potential within each online course provided by ITU.
  • Creating and Opening Workbooks arrow_forward_ios✓Learn how to create and open Excel workbooks.

Udemy offers a variety of online Excel classes, but this one covers everything from A to Z. To ensure success, students will need to be familiar with using personal computers and should have experience using a keyboard and mouse. Students should also be comfortable working in the Windows environment. We personally guarantee that if you sign up for our software training and are not completely satisfied for any reason, you will receive a full refund. Simply notify us within 30 days of subscribing, and you will receive a full refund with no questions asked. “I enrolled in Simon Sez IT to use the Microsoft Excel for beginners course. I enjoyed every bit of the course and easy to understand and the pattern of teaching was top-notch.

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